Who we are

We are holistic early stage gender-lens investors committed to investing in Africa’s Women entrepreneurs.

Our focus industries :

  • Social-impact technology
  • Manufacturing and raw material processing
  • Infrastructure development (affordable housing and sanitation)
  • Agriculture and agricultural value chains
  • Media and communications

What We Do

We are holistic early stage gender-lens investors committed to investing in Africa’s Women entrepreneurs

Our holistic approach to investing encompasses :

  • Early stage gender-lens funding
  • Entrepreneur and enterprise development
  • Access to markets and trade facilitation
  • Business research and support services

Early-stage gender lens funding

Research has shown that the biggest obstacle women face when starting and growing any business is access to funding and ability to raise capital. The IFC reports an approximate $320 billion dollar gap in financing for women and that women-owned businesses appear restricted in their growth paths and are therefore skewed towards smaller firms. This is in spite of the fact that it has been found that female-owned businesses consistently out-survive male-owned businesses in many industries and areas.

Africa trust group through its gender-lens fund seeks to address this early stage funding gap by financing women’s businesses in Africa using various vehicles

Entrepreneur and enterprise development

Leaders set the tone, pace and culture of an organisation. Therefore, ensuring that the entrepreneur is developing both their personal leadership capacity and business skills is cardinal to creating a growing enterprise that can scale. ATG through its academy provides leadership development programmes aimed at developing the entrepreneurs leadership excellence and business skills to ensure that they remain relevant in a growing organization and dynamic market environment.

To improve their chances of survival and growth early stage businesses often need enterprise development support. Our hands-on enterprise devolopment program supports our entrepreneurs with internal capacity building, business model development and refinement and strategy development.

Access to markets and trade facilitation

Reseach has shown that in developed economies, more than one-fifth of women entrepreneurs report 25% or more of sales go to customers outside their economies signaling good access to markets. This is in strong contrast to only 6% in developing economies including sub-Saharan Africa.

ATG supports early stage women businesses in Africa to gain access to markets through

  • Trade facilitation into other African countries and overseas markets
  • Enabling access to international trade forums
  • Introducing and connecting them to key continental and international networks through various online and offline networking opportunities.

Business research and support services

In this information economy it is easy for business small business owners to get lost in multitude of information and data that comes their way through social media, news, policy maker announcements and through peers and customers. Trying to wade through the information can often take up a business owners time that could be better invested in strategy execution and providng leadership. ATG throughs its insights engine provides critical business research and insights generation support to early stage women entreprises that is analysed, contextualised and presented timely and succintly to enable the business owners to turn the information and insights to action and remain agile in a dynamic business environment.

Through its centralized network of service providers and consultants, ATG supports early stage women entrepreneurs with access to support services including accounting, legal, project management, marketing and tech

Meet our team

Lelemba Phiri - Principal

Expertise: Gender, development finance, angel investing, public & private sector experience, marketing. Masters in dev. finance

Yolanda Mabuto - Enterprise Development

Expertise: Enterprise development, SME business training and capacity building, Fundraising. PDBA

Lomthunzi Mbewe - Trade Facilitation

Expertise: Trade facilitation, trade law and policy, new market business research and development. Masters in trade policy

Sandras Phiri - Leadership Development

Expertise: Leadership development, start-ups, coaching, entrepreneur ecosystems, innovation and tech. MBA

Malebeoana Phafane - Legal Counsel

Expertise: Legal, commercial contracts banking, mergers and acquisitions, law in complex environment. Masters in law

Nuraan Arieff - Project Manager

Expertise: Project management, administration, human resources and payroll. Project Management

Lyndall Marwick - Forecasting

Expertise: Financial forecasting and modeling, financial analysis and planning. CA(SA)

Tessa Plen - Marketing

Expertise: Marketing and business brand growth, solutions selling and sales, change management. B.Com cum laude

Uys & Kie - Accounting

Expertise: Accounting, financial reporting, personal and business tax accounting and planning, auditing, independent review. PA(SA) PTP(SA)

Karen Coetzee - Process Optimization

Expertise: Business process analysis and modeling, business and information flow, process optimization. BBA

Danai Musandu - Adviser

Expertise: Investment analysis, investment management, risk analysis, fund management. BCom Hons

Keith Davies - Adviser

Expertise: Start-up fundraising, finance and data analytics, risk management, investment banking. MBA

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